Programming for Older Workers (NOT BEING OFFERED AT THIS TIME)
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Programming for Older Workers

14 Week Program is designed to equip Mature Aboriginal individuals between 50 to 64 years of age with essential skills that will enhance opportunities for securing a position, remain active, while developing skill sets for employment.
POW will address barriers and challenges faced by Mature Aboriginal People who are seeking and/or maintaining employment and how to overcome these barriers and challenges.  The program will incorporate Aboriginal culture with mainstream training which includes: life skills, employability skills and academic competency building and workplace training.

Extensive workplace changes have taken place in the last 10-15 years. Many of these changes, such as increased use of computers and other technologies, revised work processes, and evolving safety regulations, require continuous training and upgrading. The POW will provide this training and resources to help Mature Workers 50 years or older re-enter the workforce.

Elders Circle
Urban Elders assist in the delivery of certain elements of our program curriculum, provide cultural teachings. Furthermore they are also available to participants on an individual basis for support.

Workplace Experience Placement
The objective of the work experience is to provide participants with an opportunity to participate in, observe and learn about the performance of tasks and responsibilities related to an occupation or career path. Participants will be expected to present to the class, information regarding Host Employers.

Minimum Program Eligibility Requirements:
Referred from the Red Deer Aboriginal Employment Services Agency. 
50 years of age or older (some exceptions may apply)
Reside in Red Deer (Permanent Address for a minimum of 3 months prior to start of program)
Must be ready, willing and able.
Persons interested in entering the program must have met ALL the minimum program eligibility requirements in order to continue and complete the application process.

To Apply:
Schedule and attend appointment with a Program Coordinator for  an initial assessment 
Fill out application and submit resume.
Schedule second assessment and  submit an essay outlining:
a. Career/Life Goals and reasons for pursuing training.
b. Brief description of an occupation of your interest. 
c. Name three careers that you would be interested in pursuing through a work experience  placement.


*Funding for the living allowance is available, which can be discussed at initial appointment.